Rehabilitation of water supply pipeline with high working pressure

At the end of 2013, over 3,000 meters of the water-mains of the town of Shumen were rehabilitated using the Cured-in-place Pipe technology. 

The facility route passed through the south-east part of Shumen. The water-mains was from steel and its diameters were from 540 to 920 millimeters.  It was built more than 50 years ago, so it was already highly corroded and had leakages. That imposed its rehabilitation in order to guarantee 24-hour faultless water supply.

The pressure in the pipes of 320 meters of the facility in the area of the Urban Pumping Station was 15 bar. Cured-in-place Pipe technology is a structural solution for trenchless rehabilitation of water-mains, but the rehabilitation of pipes with such a high operating pressure and the presence of 15º bends had to be done with the Pull In Liner version as a response to the specific requirements of the project.

The Pull In Liner method is an inversion of one liner into another one inside the existing worn out pipeline. The preparation of the two liners is done at two different sites by two different teams respectively, each of them using their own machines and equipment.

See the film about the work on the implementation of the rehabilitation of the first 160 meters of the 320-meter high pressure pipeline.