Bulgarian company rehabilitates pipelines in Kazakhstan

The rehabilitation is implemented by application of trenchless technology and prolongs the life of the facility with 50 years

The Bulgarian company Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD starts rehabilitation of two cooling water lines at the Heating Plant of Zhesgazgan, a city located in Kazakhstan. The project is extremely complex, due to the facilities location under buildings and ground steam pipelines, as well as the impressive dimensions of the facilities. The total length of the pipelines is about 500 m, and the diameters vary along the length of the pipelines from 1000 mm to 2200 mm.

The rehabilitation will be implemented by using Cured-in-Place Pipe /CIPP/ trenchless technology. It is installation of hermetic liner inside the old pipeline. The material which is used for lining is a flexible multilayer pipe. After being installed it sticks tightly to the existing pipeline.  

The repair of the water lines which were constructed during the 40s was implied due to the high corrosion and the multiple leakages of the facility. 

The repair works have to be completed within four months, as it includes cleaning and rehabilitation of the pipelines.

The assignor Kazakhmys Energy, owner of the Thermo-electric power plant of Zhesgazgan, invested about 1 400 000 EUR, VAT not included, for the implementation of the project. Such complex rehabilitations are done very rarely on a global scale. However, Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD has a solid experience in realizing projects with high complexity of implementation. In 2011 the company received the most prestigious international award, the ISTT No-Dig Award, for the implementation of similar project in Bulgaria.  

Thanks to the opportunities which the trenchless technology which will be used by Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD, gives, the functionality of the water lines will be fully restored, regardless the narrow working spaces and the tight schedule.