CCTV inspection of pipelines

CCTV inspection is an irrevocable part of the preliminary survey for the rehabilitation of water supply and sewer networks and facilities, as well as concomitant activity during the implementation of the rehabilitation works.

CCTV inspection of pipelines is implemented by means of special mobile operator station, equipped with modern distant controlled CCTV (closed circuit television inspection) robot-camera. Due to the high resolution of the camera objective lens, detailed information about the pipeline condition is obtained. This allows a precise locating of shifts, unsealed and deteriorated sections of the pipeline.  

The customer receives a soft copy of the full record with detailed information about the type of material of which the inspected sections are constructed, diameters, inclinations and the reasons for the reduced flow capacity of the pipeline and the water losses.  

After analysis of the information, a professional statement and a complex solution for structural restoration of the functionality of the deteriorated pipeline are provided.  


Application and advantages of cctv inspection

Possibility for inspection of pipelines with diameters from 100mm to 1500mm and lengths up to 300m without additional revision shaft. 

Electronic control of the camera in the pipeline from the surface.

Automatic camera objective lens focusing in the pipeline.

Automatic logging (special software) of connections, cracks, obstacles, unregulated water flows and other interventions inside the pipeline. 

Automatic logging of lengths and inclination of the sections under inspection.

Situation visualization on a color monitor: detailed information about the pipeline’s size, material, flow direction, as well as every logged event with exact position, type, dimensions, date and time.

Video recording on a DVD

Possibility for an automatic Protocol issuance with detailed information from the inspection, enclosed to the technical documentation of the utility.  

Impossibility for manipulation of the results from the inspection.

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