Repairs using a robot

Preparation of each pipeline for trenchless rehabilitation includes cleaning of deposits and obstacles from the inside of the pipe. Often, when pipelines are quite deteriorated and there are dislocations of pipe joints, cracks and other defects connected with damaged pipeline integrity, roots grown inside the pipe due to the moisture, unevenness and other obstacles can be seen. Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD has a specialized mobile operator station, equipped with the latest generation of self-propelled robot with remote control for grinding unevenness and removing obstacles.

Capabilities and technical parameters:

  • Removing of obstacles and unevenness from pipes with inside diameter of DN 200 mm to DN 600 mm
  • After rehabilitation – opening of lateral connections
  • Remote control of the robot from above the ground.
  • Full control of the working process. By means of a color camera built in the robot the operator can monitor the working process at a monitor as he gets detailed information about the size and the exact position of the obstacle.
  • Video recording on a DVD
  • Possibility for issuing of Protocol with detailed information about the completed work.