The optimization of the processes in STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD and the enhancement of the qualifications of its staff are due to the application of methods which clearly define the objectives of the company and the people responsible for their implementation.

In order to achieve strategic and specific measurable quality objectives, the management of STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD declares and undertakes the personal commitment to implement the following quality policy:

  • Maintaining and continual improvement of the Quality System in STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD in order to enhance the trust of the customers and to improve continually the processes in the company;
  • Implementation of practices for continual improvement of the quality of the products and services;
  • Successful realization of the projects, contracts and orders of the customers of STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD through strict observance of the requirements and deadlines;
  • Acquiring a high level of competiveness on the market of the offered products and services;
  • Abidance by all Bulgarian laws and regulatory acts as well as by the international standards applicable to the activities implemented by STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD;
  • Professional implementation of the activities of the Company through conducting a selection and application of suitable forms of training for acquiring specific skills and experience;
  • Application of the methods for estimation of the customer satisfaction and reporting the feedback during implementation of orders with the purpose of improving the results of the activity of STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD;
  • Introduction and incorporation of the team to the quality policy and objectives of STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD.

STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD constantly reviews the processes defined by its main activities and searches for opportunities for optimization using indicators for measurable quality objectives and specific indicators for measuring the processes.

We will periodically revise the Quality Management System of STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD in order to continually improve the efficiency, by means of official review by the management and will confirm this policy at least once a year, in order to express our continual commitment.

Executive Director:  Stefan Zhelyazkov   

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