The environmental protection policy is an integral part of the mission of STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD, connected to the successful development of the company and the application of practices in conformity with nature and with the social responsibility. Our main purpose is to implement all measures for protection of the environment within the framework of the Environmental Management System. The management and staff of STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD realize their responsibility for the protection of the environment and aim at developing new preconditions for application of ecological practices.

The environmental policy of STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD within the framework of the Environmental Management System is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Providing continuous improvement of the methods for development of the Environmental Management System;
  • Minimizing the harmful impact on the environment through introducing ecological practices;
  • Creation of appropriate conditions for prevention of the harmful impact on the environment;
  • Efficient use of the materials and the natural resources;
  • Realization and implementation of the ecological regulations as well as management and minimization of the harmful waste products and the dangers for the environment by means of control and improvement of the used technologies;
  • Strict compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements for the protection of the environment as well as implementation of an efficient exchange of information on the protection of the environment with the parties concerned;
  • Implementation of constant monitoring of the application of the environmental protection policy and optimization of the ecological practices in case of changing the processes, activities and services of the organization.


The management of STROITELNA MEHANIZATSIA AD believes that the environmental protection practices and the use of resources in conformity with nature during the activities of the Company can be constantly optimized.

Executive Director:  Stefan Zhelyazkov  

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