The application of a trenchless technology saves the disturbances of traffic in Kazanlak

New communications were installed under Alexander Batenberg Boulevard in Kazanlak without any disturbance or temporary organization of the traffic. 

That was possible thanks to the trenchless technology Horizontal Directional Drilling, used by Stroitelna Mehanizatsia. The new communications provide lightning and irrigation for the plants in the area between the two lanes of the boulevard. Using the modern technology, six drillings were implemented to install HDPE casing pipes, in which electrical cables and a water-main were inserted. The small job site and the lack of large-scale excavations provided for the undisturbed movement of pedestrians and cars in the area of the construction works. The local company implemented this service for the municipality free of charge, thus supporting the development of the town. In 2012, thanks to the cooperation between the private company and the local authorities and together with the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy a Technological Center for New Developments in Trenchless Technologies was founded in Kazanlak. The purpose of that unique partnership between the municipality, the scientific community and the private sector is the promotion of modern ecological technologies in the construction of new pipelines and the rehabilitation of deteriorated ones for sustainable management of the underground communications in the country.