Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD

Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD is a Bulgarian engineering company. It is among the first on the Balkans and the one in Bulgaria specialized in the rehabilitation and construction of underground pipelines using trenchless technologies and the manufacture of trenchless machines and equipment. The company has implemented strategic infrastructure projects in Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Morocco and Kazakhstan.

The company is internationally recognized for its professionalism in trenchless technologies. Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD has won twice the international No-Dig Award of the International Society for Trenchless Technologies /ISTT/ for achievements in trenchless technologies - in 2011 for the implementation of a significant project in Sofia, Bulgaria and in 2015 for the implementation of rehabilitation of large diameter pipelines in Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan.

The company is certified to internationally valid quality and environmental protection standards and is an active member of Bulgarian and international organizations.



Executive Director

Стефан Иванов Желязков

Stefan Zhelyazkov is a founder and as of today an Executive Director of Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD Kazanlak. He is a member of the Board of Directors of International Society for Trenchless Technologies /ISTT/, one of the founders of Bulgarian Association for Trenchless Technologies and its Chairman since its foundation in 2007. He is a member of the Managing Board of Bulgarian Construction Chamber and Deputy Chairman of its Water Section. 



Deputy Director

Dipl.Eng. Pavel Gruev is a member of the Board of Directors of Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD. He joins the company in 1999. He graduated Electrical Engineering (M.Sc.) in the Technical University of Sofia. He speaks fluent English and Russian. In 2007 he took the position of Deputy Director. He is a Secretary of Bulgarian Association for Trenchless Technologies since its foundation in 2007.  


Director of the subsidiary company in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chief Manager for Central Asia

Dipl.Ing. Dimitar Nistorov Dimitrov graduated Todor Kableshkov University of Transport in Sofia and Rostov State University of Civil Engineering in Russia. Specialities - Construction and Maintenance of Railways, Construction Economics and Management. He has gained his experience in construction production, as a Technical Manager, Head of division, Engineer in Production & Technical Department, Head of Production & Technical Department, Deputy Director, Director of Construction Division in the Republic of Kazakhstan. He has been working in the company since 2012. He speaks fluent Russian.


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