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No-Dig 2022
This year’s No-Dig exhibition and conference – the trenchless technology event on the largest scale – will be held in Helsinki, Finland.
Contractor of the year Award
 "Contractor of the Year" for 2020 is the prestigious award which the Bulgarian Chamber of Construction /BCC/, Regional representation Stara Zagora, awarded to Stroitelna Mehanizatsia  AD. It is for successfully completed infrastructure projects in Morocco. 
Environmental approach for Rehabilitation of Water supply pipeline
Rehabilitation of an old water pipeline with a diameter of 900 ml, located under "Simeonovsko Shosse" Blvd, was carried out without restricting or diverting traffic. 
Microtunneling in Bulgaria
Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD completed the first of four drillings with a micro-tunnelling machine in the aim to build a pipeline during the reconstruction of the tailings dam of Asarel Medet. The new pipeline will have diameters of 1200 mm and 1400 mm and a total length of about 600 m. 
Environmental approach in the HPP Kositsa
Stroitelna Mehanizatsiya AD starts work on the pressure pipe supplying “Kositsa” Hydroelectric Power Plant in the area the village of Divchovoto, municipality of Teteven. As a result of many years of operation, the facility needs urgent rehabilitation.
We mend hearts by non-invasive methods, but to mend a water pipe we dig trenches
‘We mend hearts by non-invasive methods, but to mend a water pipe we dig trenches’ was the headline of the weekly political review show ‘Benovska asking’ on ‘Canal 3’ and ‘Radio K2’ on 15 September 2019. Guest in the show was Mr. Stefan Zhelyazkov – President of the Bulgarian Association for Trenchless Technologies and Executive Director of Construction Machinery AD Kazanlak.  
We offer modern solutions for the operation of Cuba pipelines
“Stroitelna Mehanizatsia”AD will propose to solve the problems related to the operation of the pipeline systems in Cuba through the ecological "trenchless technologies"
We provide solutions for the problems with the old pipelines in Blida
The specialists from “Stroitelna Mehanizatsia“ have introduced to the representatives of the County of Algeria’s town Blida, who have visited the Technology center for new developments in the trenchless technologies in Kazanlak, the most modern technologies for solutions of the old pipelines.
A new technology has been tested in the Trenchless Technologies Center
The new technology tested by Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD is Cured-in-place Pipe using UV light. 
Technological solutions for urban conditions
A shared job site is used for two drillings in opposite directions in the area of the railway station in the town of Vratsa. The project is part of the Water Cycle of the town, and the installation of sewer pipes in the densely built-up residential area, with heavy traffic is impossible using an open-cut method. 
Young inventors are our future
Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD demonstrated the operation of the most modern robots for inspection of underground pipelines and for trenchless activities at the first student festival of science and technology.
Trenchless technologies solve problems in Sofia
The application of a trenchless technology became the solution for a problematic pipeline in the area of TV Tower in the capital.
Turkmenistan welcomes trenchless technologies
Stroitelna Mehanizatsia presented trenchless rehabilitation of pipelines in front of representatives of the Turkmen government during their visit to Bulgaria. 
NO-DIG Award 2015 for Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD
Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD received the first prize for the most significant innovation in the world in the sphere of trenchless technologies for the period 2014-2015. 
WWTP was opened in Kazanlak
Today, 3rd September 2015, the reconstructed and modernized Kazanlak Wastewater Treatment Plant where Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD designed, produced and installed a great part of the equipment was officially opened.
"Condition record" of underground pipelines
The Technological Center for New Developments in Trenchless Technologies presented a solution for the problem with the old pipelines in the country at the Third Annual Conference "Industry, Energy and Environment 2015", organized by Srednogorie Industrial Cluster, which was held yesterday, 11th June in Sofia.
The application of a trenchless technology saves the disturbances of traffic in Kazanlak
New communications were installed under Alexander Batenberg Boulevard in Kazanlak without any disturbance or temporary organization of the traffic. 
Outstanding students from "Ivan Hadzhienov" Vocational School - Kazanlak visited the international WASSER BERLIN Exhibition under a project of Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD.
WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL will be held jointly with No Dig Exhibition from 24th to 27th March in the capital of Germany.
Rehabilitation of water supply pipeline with high working pressure
At the end of 2013, over 3,000 meters of the water-mains of the town of Shumen were rehabilitated using the Cured-in-place Pipe technology. 
Demonstrations of trenchless methods for the underground infrastructure
Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD, a member of Underground Infrastructure Industrial Cluster, demonstrated trenchless methods for construction and rehabilitation of pipelines during the two-day Technical seminars with demonstrations of underground infrastructure technologies held from 11th to 19th March in Stara Zagora, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna.
"Projects, people and implementation", under this heading Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD held a seminar for successful project management. The event took place on 1st November 2013, with the cooperation of "Green Deal" Company.
Trenchless technologies in the implmentation of the water cycle in Gabrovo
Cured-in-Place Pipe trenchless technology will be used for the rehabilitation of the trunk water main of Gabrovo in the implementation of the water cycle of the city. 
Bulgarian company rehabilitates pipelines in Kazakhstan
The rehabilitation is implemented by application of trenchless technology and prolongs the life of the facility with 50 years
Technology center for development of modern technologies which will be built on the territory of Professional High-school “Ivan Hadzhienov”, Kazanlak, was introduced yesterday on the Annual Conference “Strategic Infrastructure” in Sofia.
NO-DIG BERLIN 2013 - On 23rd to 26th April 2013 in Berlin
On 23rd to 26th April 2013 in Berlin, in the congress and exhibition center Messe Berlin the international exhibition and conference for trenchless technologies No-Dig Berlin 2013 will take place. Again Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD will take part in the event.
The first European center for trenchless technologies development will be launched in Bulgaria
A globally unique European center for development of environmental technologies for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation will be established in Bulgaria. The Grant Contract was personally given by the Prime Minister, Mr. Borisov during an official ceremony on December 7th, 2012 in Sredets Hall in Hotel Sheraton, in the presence of the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism, Delyan Dobrev.
Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD signed a memorandum for construction of a municipal solid waste treatment plant in Kazakhstan
The construction of the treatment plant will provide a modern and effective system for waste management in the city of Taraz which will improve the citizens’ quality of life and the environmental state in the region.
Establishment of European center for development of environmental technologies for trenchless rehabilitation of pipelines
A unique European project “Establishment of European center for development of environmental technologies for trenchless rehabilitation of pipelines” was approved at the end of October 2012 and a forthcoming signing of a Grant Agreement is expected.
For the first time in sofia a pipeline was repaired by using a japanese trenchless technology
The rehabilitation is implemented 100% without excavations and extends the lifetime of the pipeline by 50 years.
Stroitelna mehanizatsia approved its integrated management system programmes for 2012
After the company was certified with the Integrated Management System ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS in 2010, the Management of the company defined its policies on quality, environment, occupational health and safety and also prepared and approved programmes for the above policies implementation during 2012.  
The town of Provadia will have a reconstructed WWTP
In order to implement the project within the deadline the works will be conducted on several construction sites at the same time.
Stroitelna Mehanizatsia ad is nominated for TYTAN AWARD 2012
After receiving the ISTT No-Dig Award, this is the second international honor for the Bulgarian company and an undisputable proof of high professionalism of the specialists working in Stroitelna Mehanizatia AD.
Stroitelna Mehanizatsia received the most prestigious international award
A large project implemented by Stroitelna Mheanizatsia AD won the first prize in the category “Trenchless Project Completed” at the International forum No-Dig 2011 in Berlin.