Technology center for development of modern technologies which will be built on the territory of Professional High-school “Ivan Hadzhienov”, Kazanlak, was introduced yesterday on the Annual Conference “Strategic Infrastructure” in Sofia.

The Executive Director of the company Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD, Stefan Zhelyazkov, presented the goals and possibilities for work with the center in front of the numerous guests of the prestigious forum. Zhelyazkov took part in the session about the ecology infrastructure together with Dobromir Simidchiev, Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Malina Krumova, Deputy Minister of Environment and Water, representatives of the European Bank for Development and the biggest water operator in the country – Sofiyska Voda.  

„The Technology center is an instrument for introducing modern technologies and best practices for sustainable management and development of the ecology infrastructure” the businessman from the town of Kazanlak said. “It will provide information and expert knowledge on any aspects of modern technologies. It is a point of intersection between business, science and practice – for achieving a synergy between all parties involved in setting the underground pipeline infrastructure in accordance with the standards approved in EU” Mr. Zhelyazkov explained.

The Bulgarian Technology Center is founded by Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD – Kazanlak, Kazanlak Municiaplity and University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy – Sofia with European funding. 

On the territory of the center a test field will be built where the application of trenchless technologies for rehabilitation of underground infrastructure will be demonstrated “live”.

A laboratory will perform an independent control and will estimate the results from tests of new materials, machines and technologies.  

The Center will organize trainings for students, young professionals from the water sector, specialist from municipalities and water operators, contractors, design engineers and others. 

The Technology center will work for creation and development of new products and technologies and will also support the establishment and development of partnerships with domestic and international organizations and institutions working in the same field with the aim of exchange of experience and borrowing best practices.

„I’m convinced that Technology Center will contribute to the recognition of our country as a center of modern technologies such as the trenchless technologies and will contribute to improvement of its infrastructure” Mr. Zhelyazkov said in conclusion.