Equipment for rehabilitation of pipelines by CIPP technology

Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD is the only manufacturer in Bulgaria of new machines and equipment for trenchless technologies. In 2010 the company started production and export of equipment for trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipelines by “Cured-in-place Pipe” technology.



Rehabilitation of existing water mains, gas lines, sewers etc. built by steel, cast-iron, asbestos cement, reinforced concrete, PVC pipes etc.

Technical characteristics:

Inversion vessel: volume 8050 l, max. working pressure 4 bar

Liner capacity: up to 700 m length (depending on liner thickness), from 150 mm to 1000 m diameter of the liner

Inversion vessel electric drive:  

Steam generator: two stage, max. steam output 1000 kg/h

Electric generator: single/three phase, power 18 kW

Data logger: keeps record of inversion pressure and steaming pressure and temperature


Steam resin cure technology

Compact and reliable design – all major components built-in into a 20 feet sea container

Easy to transport anywhere in the world, both by ship and by BDF chassis truck

Quality components “Made in EU”

CE marked, TUV-approved inversion vessel

Easy to operate and maintain

Complete with all necessary accessories: set of inversion plates for liners with diameter from 150 mm to 1000 mm, steam collector, steam spears, rubber hoses etc.


Manufacturing of pipeline rehabilitation equipment