Mixing resin station

The mixing resin station is used for mixing of double-component epoxy and polyester resins (even for resins with high thickness) and for charging of the mixture in the lining before impregnation. The station is equipped with hydraulic driven dosing cylinders for high productivity. The mixing proportion can be changed by replacement of one or both cylinders. It can be placed in a refrigerated container for cooling of the resin components before and at the time of mixing / impregnation. The mixing is carried out by a static mixer made of stainless steel type “cross flow”. The performance of the mixture is adjustable up to 2000 kg per hour. The dimensions of the facility are: length 3200 mm, height 1200 mm, width 900 mm and weight – approximately 945 kg.

The feeding block has an electric motor hydraulic drive 7.5 kW and it can be removed and used for other purposes as well.

Manufacturing of Equipment for CIPP technology