Pipeline cleaning

Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD owns Helmers sewer cleaning machine, equipped with a pump for 150 bar pressure water jet, a vacuum system for dirty water drawing off and a recycling system. The recycling system extracts the solids from the dirty water and allows it to be repeatedly used when cleaning a specific section which reduces environmental pollution and losses during refilling of the machine with clean water.

The company owns also a Hammelmann machine for water main cleaning with a very high pressure water jet (up to 1000 bar).  

Sewer operation is connected with a gradual accumulation of silts and deposits which worsen the sewer operation and sometimes they can lead to a complete obstruction. Products of corrosion, colonies of microorganisms, manganese deposits etc. are accumulated in water mains (especially those constructed by steel pipes) which leads to reduction of cross section, worsen the hydraulic characteristics and the quality of supplied water. Therefore it is necessary the pipelines to be periodically cleaned. It is done mechanically and/or with a high pressure water jet.

Sewer cleaning is done with the so-called machines for sewer cleaning, normally installed on a truck chassis, which provides water jet cleaning with pressure of 120-160 bar (for cleaning of especially solid sediments – up to 350 bar) with a simultaneous pumping out of the used dirty water.   

Water mains cleaning is done with a very high pressure water jet (from 750 up to over 1200 bar), which eliminates all sediments, including rust on steel pipes. 

Low pressure water jet pipe cleaning
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